Armchair Travel: Five 2019 Novels Set in Other Places and Times

Pack your bags. It’s summer, and it’s the longest day, when your thoughts may turn not only to where you will vacation but also to what you will read. Personally, I love books that whisk me away to exotic places without having to shell out the airfare. (My own novel, Gina in the Floating World, is set in 1981 Japan.) Whether or not you plan to travel anywhere, these five sense-filled novels, all published in 2019 (presented in order of publication date), will transport you across the world and back in time to: 1930s Paris, 1950s Italy, 2000s Greece, 1914 Russia, and 1950s Iran. Three are debut novels. Interestingly, all cover several time periods in the course of telling their respective sto

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