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  • Belle Brett, age 17


I wrote this poem in high school for our annual literary newspaper. But, with three weeks until publication of my novel and four weeks until official launch, it describes the way I am feeling now.

One two three four five six metal rungs Dented in the middle Five four three two only one more I'm next! Seated on the highest step A small girl in pigtails, Seated up there. Gripping tightly curved, thin bars She inches down the shiny slide. Then, presto! Zing! She's whizzing down at terrifying speed And then the end! With feet on ground She just walks away. Then here I am The new Queen of Queens, Sceptre in one hand, Crown on my head. Each step took me up the royal ladder- Servant, page, countess. duchess, princess, Queen, Each one more exciting than before, Each step higher than the others, Looking smugly down at the poor Lonely people on the ground. And here I am Queen of Queens Envy of the rest. Taller, higher, As high as the trees (Well, not quite) Floating among the clouds Statue of LIberty Looking down on her people But the best is yet before me. The flight! The indescribable sensation That breathtaking, airborne feeling To think of it makes me laugh and cry And here I am Taller, higher Unwilling to let go, yet so willing. I hold my breath And close my eyes And let go-- Then, presto! ZIng! Whizzzzz! I am a lowly servant Dethroned so soon. The new Queen of Queens Begins her reign. Never mind. There's always tomorrow. I can't wait.

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