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Interview with Jeanne Blasberg, Author of The Nine

Jeanne Blasberg’s recently released second novel, The Nine (She Writes Press), is a compelling modern-day tale inspired by the biblical story of Hannah and her son Samuel. In The Nine, Hannah wants nothing but the best for her only child, Sam. Prestigious Dunning Academy will open doors to an Ivy League college and more.

However, sending Sam away to boarding school at age fourteen is painful for Hannah, who wants to be privy to every aspect of his life. What Hannah doesn’t know is that Sam has been invited to join a long-standing secret society, the Nine, which gives him a sense of belonging. But the Nine is also his avenue to discovering and attempting to get to the bottom of an insidious campus sex scandal and, thus, potentially threatening his mother’s dreams for him. READ MY FULL INTERVIEW with Jeanne, which appears in the blog "Dead Darlings."

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